Energy Worlds in Experiment

Energy Worlds in Experiment is an experiment in writing about energy and an exploration of energy infrastructures as experiments. Twenty authors have written collaborative chapters that examine energy politics and practices, from electricity cables and energy monitors to swamps and estuaries. 

Each chapter proposes a unique format to tell energy worlds differently and to stimulate energy imaginaries: thesis, propositions, interviews, stories, card games, and a graphic novel. The book offers practitioners, students, and scholars a range of new tools to help think, engage and critique energy politics, practices and infrastructures.

The whole book is a bold undertaking which impressively links originality in its content with originality of its form and writing style. Harald Rohracher, Linköping University

The book’s varied and creative content will appeal to a broader intellectual readership concerned with climate change and interested in renewable energy. Daniel Worden, Rochester Institute of Technology

Energy Worlds in Experiment is a creative and multi-faceted investigation into energy and its multiple materializations and social-political permutations. Jennifer Gabrys, University of Cambridge

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List of Figures 7

Contributors 9

Acknowledgements 15

Foreword: Setting the scene 17

1 · Introduction. James Maguire, Laura Watts and Brit Ross Winthereik, 21

2 · The power of stories. Ann-Sofie Kall, Rebecca Ford and Lea Schick, 34

3 · Propositional politics. Endre Dányi and Michaela Spencer, James Maguire, Hannah Knox, Andrea Ballestero, 66

4 · Five theses on energy polities. Brit Ross Winthereik, Stefan Helmreich, Damian O’Doherty, Mónica Amador-Jiménez, Noortje Marres, 95

5 · Unda: A graphic novel of energy encounters. Laura Watts, Cymene Howe, Geoffrey C. Bowker, with art by Neil Ford,
lettering by Rob Jones, 119

6 · An energy experiment: Tests, trials and ElectroTrumps. Jamie Cross, Simone Abram, 152

7 · Interview: The anthropology of energy, Dominic Boyer interviewed by James Maguire, 194

8 · Conclusion. James Maguire, Laura Watts and Brit Ross Winthereik, 209