Forthcoming: Boxes – A Field Guide

Mattering Press is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of a major new text, Boxes: A Field Guide, edited by Susanne BauerMartina Schlünder, and Maria Rentetzi. This book invites readers into a new field: box studies. It explores the ‘wildlife’ of box practices, in the process aiming to challenge our senses and orderings of the world.

The field guide unfolds over almost 40 chapters, including many that experiment with text and image, in the process making space for experimentation with — and contestation of — academic formats.

A key contribution is to consider how world-making comes about through box practices, developing a generative critique of universalized epistemologies and showing how box practices are replete with ontological politics.

The full book will be published later this year. As a foretaste of what is to come, we are pleased to make the proofs of five chapters available to readers, as well as the full table of contents.

Boxes: A Field Guide Table of Contents [Proofs]

Emily Brownell Better Shelter [Proofs]

Alexandra Widmer Boxes, Infrastructure and the Materiality of Moral Relations: Aid and Respect after Cyclone Pam [Proofs]

Mats Fridlund Keep Calm and Carry One: The Civilian Gas Mask Case and its Containment of British Emotions [Proofs]

Christine von Oertzen Prussian Census Box: Moving and Freezing Data [Proofs]

Etienne S. Benson The Mirror Trap [Proofs]

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Our full catalogue is shown below.

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    The Art of Market Seduction

    Frank Cochoy

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