Mattering Update

Many things have happened in recent months. In this update, we gather some of these together. As you probably already know, in July 2016 our first four books were published. Many thanks to those of you who acted as authors, editors, reviewers, and early readers! In case you haven’t seen the final products yet, you can access them online on this site at or buy the paper version either on Amazon or... Read more

Constrained access – constrained voices

A would-be South African author's story. A few years ago, as a fresh PhD graduate (Open University, UK) I was encouraged by the examiners to pursue the possibility of book publication. The theoretical work of my PhD drew on STS; the empirical work on my ‘home’ context of South Africa. My ultimate aim was to talk back to South African policy, particularly transport engineering.... Read more

Advance reviews of the first four books

Science & Technology Studies has generously reviewed advance copies of our first four books. Here, with permission from the journal, we reproduce some brief extracts of each.

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Modes of Knowing

Resources from the Baroque

Edited by John Law, Evelyn Ruppert

How might we think differently? This book is an attempt to respond to this question. Its contributors are all interested in non-standard modes of knowing. They are all more or less uneasy with the restrictions or the agendas implied by academic modes of knowing, and they have chosen to do this by working with, through, or against one important Western alternative — that of the baroque. ...Read more

Practising Comparison

Logics Relations Collaborations

Edited by Joe Deville, Michael Guggenheim, Zuzana Hrdličková

This book compares things, objects, concepts, and ideas. It is also about the practical acts of doing comparison. Comparison is not something that exists in the world, but a particular kind of activity. Agents of various kinds compare by placing things next to one another, by using software programs and other tools, and by simply looking in certain ways. Comparing like this is an everyday...Read more

Imagining Classrooms

Stories of Children, Teaching, and Ethnography

Vicki Macknight

In this book we go to five Australian classrooms, bustling with nine- and ten-year-old children. In each classroom, imaginations are being done, not just in minds, but with bodies too, using materials and words, laughter and ideas. Each classroom is part of a different type of school: a Waldorf/Steiner school, an exclusive private school, a middle-class government school, a diverse catholic school,...Read more

On Curiosity

The Art of Market Seduction

Frank Cochoy

What draws us towards a shop window display? What drives us to grab a special offer, to enter the privileged circle of premium newspaper subscribers, to peruse the pages of an enticing magazine? Without doubt, it is curiosity — that essential force of everyday action which invites us to break from our habits and to become transported beyond our very selves.Curiosity (whether healthy or unhealthy)...Read more