Mattering Press publishes high quality, peer reviewed open access books within relational research on science, technology and society. We work with a production model that is based on cooperation and shared scholarship while ensuring the high quality of the resulting work through systematic peer-review.

As an open access publisher, we are dedicated to make empirically grounded monographs and edited collections widely and freely available, At the same time, we are committed to producing books that can travel as physical entities. All Mattering books will therefore be available freely as ebooks and as printed books to purchase. We also support books using formats that are experimental or difficult to publish using conventional publishing models.

The press was founded in 2012 and established as a UK registered charity in 2013. It was set up following discussions amongst members of the Flows, Doings, Edges collective. The first editorial board comprised Sebastian Abrahamsson, Uli Beisel, Endre Dányi, Joe Deville and Michaela Spencer, with Julien McHardy joining later in 2012 and Natalie Gill in 2014.