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Two new books

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Boxes: A Field Guide Mattering Press is proud to announce the publication of a major new text, Boxes: A Field Guide, edited by Susanne Bauer, Martina Schlünder, and Maria Rentetzi. This book invites readers into a new field: box studies. It explores the ‘wildlife’ of box practices, in the process aiming to challenge our senses…Read more

Open Access publishing and the future of the university

2618 words | 10 minute read

What untapped potential is there for universities and Open Access publishing initiatives to provide each other with mutual benefit and support? This is a question that has stayed with me since the end of a small workshop that I organised in late July, funded jointly by the Institute for Social Futures and the Centre for…Read more

From Openness to Openings

2341 words | 9 minute read

Reflections on the Experiments in Knowledge Production workshop. Originally published June 18th, 2014.  Science and Technology Studies (STS) has a long-standing interest in analysing the politics of knowledge production. One of its strengths has been the demonstration of the contingencies, blindspots and power-plays that are wrapped up in the creation, standardisation, and distribution of knowledge…Read more

New forms of care for STS books

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Originally published 4th December, 2013. Mattering Press is a new book publishing initiative committed to the creation and publishing of widely accessible, carefully produced, and intellectually vibrant books in Science and Technology Studies (STS). Our first books are due to be published in 2014.  In September of this year we had the opportunity to introduce the…Read more