The Flows Collective

Mattering Press is an initiative of the Flows, Doings, Edges collective. This group was formed in 2007 in the United Kingdom as a peer-support group of early career researchers interested in relational research. The group’s early activities included a series of workshops aimed at supporting Science and Technology Studies (STS) scholars in the process of working through the PhD process. With many of its members now having moved on to full time academic positions, the attention of the group turned to publishing and, in particular, to the problem of book publishing.

The ongoing conversations within the Flows, Doings, Edges collective strongly informs the publishing politics of Mattering Press. They strengthen our commitment to publishing empirically grounded relational research monographs, supporting early-career researchers, giving space to lively debates within STS, and recruiting new authors, reviewers, editors, advisers, and of course readers of our books.