Mattering Press is a UK registered charity.

All academic contributors to the press work unpaid and have to date donated many hundreds of hours of their time.

We do however need to pay many others fairly for their time, including designers, typesetters and proof readers. We are also keen to support books from authors without access to Open Access funds.

We are grateful for any financial support you are able to offer the press.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax payer, we can also claim gift aid on your donation, which means that the UK government adds 28p to every £1 you donate. Once your donation is made, we would be grateful if you could complete this form and email it to us at info [at] matteringpress [dot] org.

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Mattering Press is run by a group of people who care about Open Access academic publishing. Your
donations, however little, help us to keep Mattering Press going.