Publish with us

Mattering Press publishes texts which broadly engage with themes and questions relevant to Science and Technology Studies, and which present empirically grounded relational research. These texts may herald from a variety of disciplines within the humanities and social sciences including sociology, social anthropology, human geography, history, art and philosophy.

We are currently welcoming submissions. While the press publishes monographs and edited collections, we also encourage proposals for short monographs, pamphlets and visual and multimedia projects that are difficult or impossible to publish through traditional academic outlets.

All book proposals that are considered for publication by the Editorial Board will be reviewed by two external reviewers, in accordance with our peer review policy (which includes encouraging ‘open’ (i.e. non-anonymous) peer review where appropriate).

The board meets twice a year, in June and December, to make final publishing decisions. If, after the completion of the review process, the press has received more high quality proposals than it is able to fund, it will decide at that point what to go ahead and publish.

Once proposals are accepted, Mattering authors will be supported throughout by a dedicated editor and a deputy editor. These individuals will follow and support the author on the journey from manuscripts to the final book, helping not only to identify problems and difficulties related to the manuscript, but also to solve them.

Please consult our guidelines for submission or drop us a note at info(at)matteringpress(dot)org if you would like to submit a proposal for publication or have any further questions.

A note on funding

Please be aware that the Mattering Press funding model does require the payment of a fee of £6,000 to cover the costs of publication, although discounts on this ranging from 25% to 100% are in some cases available.

Please see information on our funding model and fees for more details.