The editors would like to express their gratitude to the range of individuals and institutions that made this book possible. Many thanks to Manuel Tironi for providing such a constructive review of an earlier draft of the text, to Jennifer Tomomitsu for the precise copy editing, to Endre Dányi, Noortje Marres, and Michaela Spencer for their comments on our own contributions to the book, and to all the authors in the collection for making our job so straightforward and enjoyable. We would like to thank all the participants at the ‘Apples and Oranges’ conference, which took place at Goldsmiths in September 2012, that began many of the conversations that this book continues. We are also grateful to the European Research Council for the funding which has made this book possible, as part of the Organising Disaster project (project number 263731). Finally, many thanks to the Goldsmiths Sociology department and the Centre for Invention and Social Process for their various forms of support.