This book grew out of conversations that began at the workshop ‘Sensor Publics: workshop on the politics of sensing and data infrastructures’ which took place at Technical University Munich in April 2017. We would like to thank all the speakers and participants, and especially Laurie Waller for co-organizing this event and Jennifer Gabrys for her wonderful keynote. The conversation on sensors as infrastructures of in/security continued in multiple places, among them during panels at 4S in Boston, EASST in Lancaster, and 4S in New Orleans and we are thankful to all participants for the excellent discussions! We wish to thank all contributing authors for their persistent engagement and dedication through all steps of this project as well as Erik Aarden, Huub Dijstelbloem, Ulrike Felt, Nina Frahm, Mascha Gugganig, Alexander Klimburg, Matthias Leese, Peter Müller, Paul Trauttmansdorff, Sarah Schönbauer, Pouya Sepehr, Jan-H. Passoth, Sebastian Pfotenhauer, Godert-Jan Van Manen and Renate v. Otto for their warm support of this endeavour, and Lucy Suchman for her wonderful foreword to this book! A final thank you to Julien McHardy and Endre Dányi of Mattering Press for their excellent, creative and thoughtful advice along the way.