Mattering Press launch event, 25th July

Mattering Press will launch on Monday 25th July. From this date, all its books will be available to purchase, as well as to download for free. 

To celebrate, we are hosting a launch event in London in the evening. Please see the invitation below and pass on to anyone who might be interested. 

Mattering, Knowing, Comparing: Celebrating the Launch of Mattering Press

Please join us to celebrate the launch of Mattering Press and its first four books.

When: Monday 25th July, 6pm
Where: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL
Nearest tube: Holborn
Tickets: Registration required, via Eventbrite

The event will feature short presentations from some of the editors of its first four books — ‘Modes of Knowing’ and ‘Practising Comparison’ — as well as from those involved in supporting and producing the press.

Contributors include Joe Deville, Michael Guggenheim, Zuzana Hrdličková, Carlos Lopez-Galviz, Evelyn Ruppert (all Goldsmiths, University of London / Lancaster University).

Refreshments will be provided. The event is supported by the Institute for Social Futures, Lancaster, the Centre for Invention and Social Process, Goldsmiths, and the Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster.

About Mattering Press

Mattering Press is a new Open Access book publisher and registered charity. Four years in the making, the press will produce major new contributions that engage the field of Science and Technology Studies. All books are available freely as ebooks and as printed books to purchase.

New books

To mark its launch, we will be celebrating with the editors of two of its first set of books. 

The first is Modes of Knowing: Resources from the Baroque, edited by John Law and Evelyn Ruppert. This a new collection asks: how might we think differently? It brings together leading social scientists interested in non-standard modes of knowing. The resource that the various contributions direct their attention to is the baroque. Rather than formulating a ‘baroque social science’, they instead work in a range of ways to explore how drawing on the ‘resources of the baroque’ can help us to think differently.

The second is Practising Comparison: Logics, Relations, Collaborations, edited by Joe Deville, Michael Guggenheim, Zuzana Hrdličková. As a collection, it is similarly interested in how knowledge is produced. But rather than the baroque, it looks to the opportunities and challenges of a venerable social scientific method: comparison. The book compares things, objects, concepts, and ideas, while also being about the practical acts of doing comparison. Comparison, it argues, is not something that exists in the world, but a particular kind of activity.

We will also be introducing the two other new books: On Curiosity: The Art of Market Seduction, by Franck Cochoy, and Imagining Classrooms: Stories of Children, Teaching and Ethnography by Vicki Macknight.

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