Mattering marketing: Experiments in sharing

This week we have launched Mattering Press’ first ever social media marketing campaign, which will open up our books to a larger audience and will offer existing readers new ways of engaging with the texts.

Starting with Practising Comparison, and lasting for around a month, we will post key quotes and references from the various chapters on Facebook and Twitter. In line with our collaborative ethos, these have largely been suggested by our authors and editors.

Thanks to our developer partner infostreams, and particularly Edward Akerboom, we will be able to share these extracts via uniquely generated urls. These will link directly to, as well as highlight, relevant passages in the ‘read online’ version of our books. This new feature makes full use of the fact that our books are freely available in multiple formats, while also potentially contributing to better online referencing practices.

In the future we plan to make this feature available to our readers and authors so that anyone can easily reference particular passages in blog posts etc. Allowing people to link to texts directly is part of our larger effort to build new kinds of publishing collectives.

We look forward to continuing to experiment with new ways of sharing our books with you, starting next Monday on our social media feeds.