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Behind the scenes with the authors: Ghost Managed Medicine

1215 words | 4.5 minute read

Sergio Sismondo, author of Ghost Managed Medicine, takes us on a journey through the writing and development of his ideas. > What sparked your interest in studying the inner workings of big pharma? I owe my interest to some excellent presentations and papers by people like Jeremy Greene, Jennifer Fishman, Andy Lakoff and David Healy….Read more

After Barcelona

843 words | 3.5 minute read

It was a particularly busy summer for Mattering Press. In July this year, after four years of hard work establishing the press, we finally published our first four books. Our official launch was held on the 25th July in London – thanks, once again, to Tahani Nadim for her wonderful report about the event. But the launch…Read more

The future of the book in STS

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On the 12th November, at the 4S conference in Denver, Colorado, Mattering Press held a mini-symposium on the ‘Future of the STS book,’ as part of the ‘Making and Doing’ sessions. This symposium was held as part of the conference’s first ever ‘Making and Doing’ session, and featured a few friends of Mattering Press – authors,…Read more