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Behind the scenes with the authors: Ghost Managed Medicine

1215 words | 4.5 minute read

Sergio Sismondo, author of Ghost Managed Medicine, takes us on a journey through the writing and development of his ideas. > What sparked your interest in studying the inner workings of big pharma? I owe my interest to some excellent presentations and papers by people like Jeremy Greene, Jennifer Fishman, Andy Lakoff and David Healy….Read more

Behind the scenes with the editors: Ghost Managed Medicine

876 words | 3.5 minute read

In this Q&A, editor Endre Dányi gives us a glimpse behind the scenes of the editing and production of Ghost Managed Medicine. > What sparked your interest in Ghost Managed Medicine (GMM) when you read the proposal? We really liked the idea of a book that focuses on an important and politically relevant topic through an…Read more