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Constrained access – constrained voices

717 words | 3 minute read

A would-be South African author’s story.  A few years ago, as a fresh PhD graduate (Open University, UK) I was encouraged by the examiners to pursue the possibility of book publication. The theoretical work of my PhD drew on STS; the empirical work on my ‘home’ context of South Africa. My ultimate aim was to talk back…Read more

The future of the book in STS

872 words | 3.5 minute read

On the 12th November, at the 4S conference in Denver, Colorado, Mattering Press held a mini-symposium on the ‘Future of the STS book,’ as part of the ‘Making and Doing’ sessions. This symposium was held as part of the conference’s first ever ‘Making and Doing’ session, and featured a few friends of Mattering Press – authors,…Read more