Summer 2016: Mattering Press to launch

Assembling the social, economic, and material resources that it takes to make a new press is taking a little longer than we expected. We now expect Mattering Press to be launching over the summer in 2016, not April as we perhaps ambitiously announced! 

Chastened a little by our hubris, we will for the time being remain circumspect as to the precise launch date. Keep checking back for updates. 

When we do launch, we will be publishing four major new works that engage the field of Science and Technology Studies in interdisciplinary dialogue with issues crucial for the futures of social science.

As an Open Access publisher all books will be available to download in full for free, or to purchase at a low cost. 

Please browse the site for information about our books, including exclusive freely downloadable extracts. 

If you are interested in our work, please consider making a donation. All funds, however small, are extremely welcome, and go directly towards the publication of new books. Mattering Press is a charity registered in the UK. 

You can also keep track of the progress of the press as it looks to build up the necessary infrastructures of publishing in our Making section.