Open Access

Mattering Press is committed to making its texts as widely available as possible. While all its texts can be bought as hard copies, the funds from which support the press’ work, they can all also be downloaded without charge.

Mattering Press’ precise relationship to the Open Access movement, which is highly diverse in its aims and constituency, is still taking shape. That said, as we’ve explored in greater detail elsewhere, we believe that it may be more productive to think of openness not as a general good, but rather to see the Open Access movement as a provocation to a range of stabilised practices within the publishing industry.

Our own approach is experimental, in which we play with dynamics of both openness and closure in relation to the range of relations we are putting into play. These are not restricted to the production of new forms of knowledge, but include varied configurations of authors, reviewers, texts, typesetters, designers, various regulatory and legal frameworks, markets and printers, to name just a few of the parties involved.

As Science and Technology Studies scholars, for us the question is not therefore simply whether Open Access is a good development or not, but rather what differences Open Access publishers are interested in making, for whom, and under what (social and material) circumstances.