Encryption and Technologies of Power in a (Cyber-)War Torn World

1179 words | 4.5 minute read

By Ksenia Ermoshina and Francesca Musiani 19th April 2022 After three years of fieldwork and three years of writing, re-writing and polishing with the patient and kind help of Mattering Press editors, our book Concealing for Freedom: The Making of Encryption, Secure Messaging, and Digital Liberties has today been published. As we finished writing and…Read more

Two new books

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Boxes: A Field Guide Mattering Press is proud to announce the publication of a major new text, Boxes: A Field Guide, edited by Susanne Bauer, Martina Schlünder, and Maria Rentetzi. This book invites readers into a new field: box studies. It explores the ‘wildlife’ of box practices, in the process aiming to challenge our senses…Read more

Behind the scenes with the authors: Ghost Managed Medicine

1215 words | 4.5 minute read

Sergio Sismondo, author of Ghost Managed Medicine, takes us on a journey through the writing and development of his ideas. > What sparked your interest in studying the inner workings of big pharma? I owe my interest to some excellent presentations and papers by people like Jeremy Greene, Jennifer Fishman, Andy Lakoff and David Healy….Read more

Behind the scenes with the editors: Ghost Managed Medicine

876 words | 3.5 minute read

In this Q&A, editor Endre Dányi gives us a glimpse behind the scenes of the editing and production of Ghost Managed Medicine. > What sparked your interest in Ghost Managed Medicine (GMM) when you read the proposal? We really liked the idea of a book that focuses on an important and politically relevant topic through an…Read more

Mattering Update

686 words | 2.5 minute read

Many things have happened in recent months. In this update, we gather some of these together. As you probably already know, in July 2016 our first four books were published. Many thanks to those of you who acted as authors, editors, reviewers, and early readers! In case you haven’t seen the final products yet, you…Read more

Constrained access – constrained voices

717 words | 3 minute read

A would-be South African author’s story.  A few years ago, as a fresh PhD graduate (Open University, UK) I was encouraged by the examiners to pursue the possibility of book publication. The theoretical work of my PhD drew on STS; the empirical work on my ‘home’ context of South Africa. My ultimate aim was to talk back…Read more

After Barcelona

843 words | 3.5 minute read

It was a particularly busy summer for Mattering Press. In July this year, after four years of hard work establishing the press, we finally published our first four books. Our official launch was held on the 25th July in London – thanks, once again, to Tahani Nadim for her wonderful report about the event. But the launch…Read more

Open Access publishing and the future of the university

2618 words | 10 minute read

What untapped potential is there for universities and Open Access publishing initiatives to provide each other with mutual benefit and support? This is a question that has stayed with me since the end of a small workshop that I organised in late July, funded jointly by the Institute for Social Futures and the Centre for…Read more

Mattering Press launches

1134 words | 4.5 minute read

Friendship is not to be sought, not to be dreamed,not to be desired; it is to be exercised (it is a virtue).Simone Weil, Gravity and Grace, 1952, p. 67 At some point during the proceedings that constituted the launch of Mattering Press at Conway Hall[1] I found myself looking at pictures of friends. Projected onto…Read more

The future of the book in STS

872 words | 3.5 minute read

On the 12th November, at the 4S conference in Denver, Colorado, Mattering Press held a mini-symposium on the ‘Future of the STS book,’ as part of the ‘Making and Doing’ sessions. This symposium was held as part of the conference’s first ever ‘Making and Doing’ session, and featured a few friends of Mattering Press – authors,…Read more

Why Books Matter: There is value in what cannot be evaluated

1968 words | 7.5 minute read

Academic publishing is intricately bound to evaluation. The demand to publish as much as possible has led to the chopping up of research into minimum publishable units across journals that are easily counted, ranked and evaluated. Books, however, are not so easily accounted for. Julien McHardy argues the value of books is in this freedom…Read more

Joe Deville presents at Radical Open Access

151 words | 1 minute read

In June this year, Joe Deville gave a talk at the Radical Open Access conference, at Coventry University.  Organised by Janneke Adema and Gary Hall (that’s the Gary Hall from our advisory board), the event hosted two days of intense discussion amongst a range of individuals and collectives involved in attempts to develop visions for Open Access…Read more

Natalie Gill joins Mattering Press

66 words | 0.5 minute read

A new member of the editorial board. Mattering Press is pleased to announce that Natalie Gill has joined the team of Editors at the press. Natalie is interested in specificity, relationality, the mundane and the way subjectivities, objects and contexts are enacted in political practices. Her PhD thesis explored the daily routines and practices of…Read more

From Openness to Openings

2341 words | 9 minute read

Reflections on the Experiments in Knowledge Production workshop. Originally published June 18th, 2014.  Science and Technology Studies (STS) has a long-standing interest in analysing the politics of knowledge production. One of its strengths has been the demonstration of the contingencies, blindspots and power-plays that are wrapped up in the creation, standardisation, and distribution of knowledge…Read more

Samizdat lessons for Mattering Press

2266 words | 8.5 minute read

Originally published 12th March, 2014.  Many thanks, Nicholas, for the kind introduction – it’s great to be back as a guest blogger! Last time I was here, I wrote a series of posts about the material practices of democratic politics, and the ways in which they were being coordinated and distributed by the Hungarian Parliament…Read more

New forms of care for STS books

1136 words | 4.5 minute read

Originally published 4th December, 2013. Mattering Press is a new book publishing initiative committed to the creation and publishing of widely accessible, carefully produced, and intellectually vibrant books in Science and Technology Studies (STS). Our first books are due to be published in 2014.  In September of this year we had the opportunity to introduce the…Read more